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This is our real target for first heroic mode kill.  The stuff we've done up to now (10 pulls Jin, 11 pulls Horridon) were just to feel out the difficulty.

Saturday we'll put a solid 2+ hours into the boss and this is the script we'll start off following.

Divide groups into:

1: three dps + healer
2: two strongest cleavers + healer + open spot

Group 1 does 1/3/5/7(/9)
Group 2 does 2/4/6/8(/10)

Note: 9/10 is the double nest set and doing this set entirely revolves around how much damage your group can do - when we were on Ji-kun for progression, we started burn here and ignored the double nest.

Note 2: There are nest guardians on 2/4/8 - this means that the group with the open spot should be accompanied by a tank for these ones. The tank that pulls can go to nests 2, 4 and the other tank will be free to go to nest 8, although it lines up with a downdraft that everyone must be aware of. No tank will ever need to take more than two talon rakes.

The fight:
~ On pull, everyone hits boss - nest 1 activates shortly after the pull
~ G1 goes down, collects feathers - the healer here typically comes up early while the dps wait for feed, picking up primal nutrients on their way up.
~ Nest 2 activates - the tank who pulled should be receiving his 2nd stack of talon rake -> tanks swap and the tank with 2 stacks goes down and calls to the G2 that he is doing so so that they can go down too.
~ G2 dps (and potentially healer) hang out to grab nutrients as the fly up to the platform, tank goes back immediately after things are clear.
~ Nest 3 will be active here and plays out essentially like nest 1.

At this point you have 8 people with feathers;
People in G1 should have 3 charges
People in G2 have *2* charges.
This is important. Since G2 has to do nests 4 and 6, they have no charges to spare and must *only* use the remaining 2 charges they have to get to the nests they have to kill.
G1 meantime has 2 free charges that they can use to grab the feed buff *as long as they leave one* to get to nest 5.

Now the up nests begin - nest 4 has a guardian
~ Shortly after the nest activates, the tank that pulled should pick up a second stack of talon rake -> tanks swap and the tank with 2 stacks calls to the G2 that he is ready.
~ Around this time, feed goes out - so G2 should grab nutrients as they go up.

This is the theme for the up nests - the cue to use to go to your nest (if it is an up nest) is the feed being sent to that nest you begin flying, grab the nutrients and then land on your up nest and use the buff to kill the eggs super fast.

~ Nest 5 activates, G1 waits for feed young then flies through it to the nest
~ Nest 6 activates, it has a guardian. Tank swap -> off tank joins G2 flying through the feed young on their way to the nest.

When nests 4, 5 and 6 are down, the fight cycles back to effectively like the pull

~G1 goes down for 7, G2 goes down for 8

note: there is a downdraft that lines up and can make hitting the nest difficult - be ready for this. Also note that there is a guardian on this nest - so the group needs to wait for the tanks to swap and get down there.

Last thing to note is that quills lines up with the even nests in general, so make sure the healer there can handle healing 4 people through quills. The people at that nest should also be aware that if quills is going on, they should stay where they are in general - do not move until it finishes or they run the risk of dying quickly. Sometimes it lines up that the nest is cleared fast enough that you can all be back on the main platform before quills happens or right as it starts casting, which is fine - but also means that you don't go flying random places afterwards out of healing range.

tl;dr re nutrients - if you are at a down nest, wait until just before feed happens for the *next* nest, fly up and grab one as you *return* to the main platform. For an up nest, wait until the feed happens *for that nest*, fly up and grab nutrients *as you go* to the nest.

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umm... yeah btw I have to go to my sister in laws bday party on sat so.... anyway, gl with that.

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