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Post  Fitsi on Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:26 am

OMG today was the best; So much new info!

I like the flexible normal modes. It's going to be great for our guild. I am a big wimp who dies inside everytime someone is benched so this is perfect. I'm interested to find out about loot. Personal drops? Scaling loot amount? I feel like they could really sweeten the pop here by making the loot scale slightly faster than the raid size and encourage 25 man / large scale raiding that way without going to personal loot.

I'm in love with the new pvp island idea. persistent endless cross server faction balanced open world pvp?! yes please. I think i'll be spending a lot of time there. I dont know how to feel about the arena changes. It's meant to enhance high level play and get rid of cheating. niether of those apply to me so idk. wait and see.

huge huge new single play min game, incredible. I'm super curious how much your work here will influence you toon in the outside world / in raids. I just dont want it to turn into an obligation.

Shawn says there isnt much to be excited about this time around; no new classes or races or anything. I'm excited maybe because thing AREN'T changing so radically. I've loved MoP and so just more of that with extra quality of life things sounds perfect to me.

All of the level 100 talents are out, full zones are being played at blizzcon, this thing is ready for beta. I stand by March as a release!!! Cannot wait :D

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