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WoD more info!!!  (Questing) Empty WoD more info!!! (Questing)

Post  Calvin on Tue Nov 12, 2013 5:44 pm

Questing and Rewards
There are 10 new levels in Warlords of Draenor--if you've gotten your Garrosh heirloom, you're set on weapons!

   Zones will be a mix of classic questing areas and more freeform exploration like Siege of Orgrimmar with dynamic rewards and treasure chests to encourage users to explore the world.
   Blizzard wants the world to feel less linear, so they're including a lot of optional quests that branch off from the main storyline, and not adding breadcrumb quests to unlock hubs.
   When completing quests, you'll have a small chance to get a rare or epic reward instead of the expected one--this adds an element of surprise.
   From 91-100, players will get buffs to their existing key abilities, instead of new abilities that bloat up the spellbook.
   There will be no flying in Draenor until Patch 6.1.
   Several core abilities will become passive, like Slice and Dice for Assassination Rogues.
   At level 100, players unlock an additional talent point.

Totally digging the underlined one!!!!! Awesome!!!!

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