Happy Holidays -- Break Time

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Happy Holidays -- Break Time  Empty Happy Holidays -- Break Time

Post  Fitsi on Mon Dec 09, 2013 10:49 pm

So I had this intricate scheme where I would have my computer shipped to Ottawa for this week and then back again before we go on Christmas vacation on the 18th.  It ended up being absurdly complicated and expensive to do so.  So it ain't going to happen friends.

That means Shawn and I are on a forced WoW-cation until the 2nd of January.

Feel free to pug whatever you can, whenever you can.  Or create your own mini-sized guild raids.  Everyone can add events on the calendar.
The plan for the new year is to recruit to fill up the second raid reliably, farm Garrosh and work on heroics with the geared out raid.  

Have a great Christmas !!!  I'll be thinking about you every single day....  and late at night too....

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