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Post  Fitsi on Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:23 pm

I am fighting this angry feeling recently. Ever since they announced the next tier. I cant help but feel that blizz is rushing us through this tier. Maybe it's just because we never solidified a roster and are still pushing through HoF, or maybe its because they staggered the releases over a month so it feels like the true tier just begun, perhaps its just because pvp has been so amazingly horribly awful.

Whatever the case i must admit that I am not ready to move on to 5.2 This is manifesting itself mostly in my constant bitching and whining to shawn.

Am I the only one?


Then again, 5.2 is the return of my rogue, so there is that.

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Content too fast? Empty Re: Content too fast?

Post  Brewjin on Sun Dec 30, 2012 2:27 am

5.2 won't likely hit live servers till maybe feb or early march that's 5-6 months since the start of MoP! DragonSoul makes everything seem like fast release lol anyways I need to get back to raiding asap this has been too long of a break :)

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Content too fast? Empty Re: Content too fast?

Post  Altruism on Mon Jan 07, 2013 2:35 pm

I'm not in a hurry. You should've done like me and switched from rogue main for MoP launch Crom. We definitely knew it was going to happen. Also, rogues are not in a terrible place right now. You should've stuck with it in sub instead of trying to do combat.

I'm almost to 2.2k in RBGs and I would like to sit on the fruits of my labor before I can enjoy my early advantage in 5.2 (new arena season?)

I will like the buffs but I am not really in dire need as my class doesn't feel broken right now.

I do agree with you 100% on the raiding. The reason I stopped doing LFR was a feeling of being flooded by the content. It seems every week there is a new raid tier with bosses who have mechanics that are different yet uncomplicated (except for elegon? the lightning guy with the floors thing, still don't really understand that one.)

The feeling that there are 8 or 9 more bosses to do after I spend my hour-plus in an LFR is just too bloody much. I get that you can raid two or three times a week but doubling it? To do it with people you don't know on steamroll content? Luckily the drops are quite forthcoming from it but just to do it to cap or to gather the legendary sigils (still missing 6 sigils of wisdom) is just not enough incentive.

Overall I am enjoying myself in large part because of the community aspect of rbg'ing (arena far less so this season) but the game is really falling short for me on the pve aspect.

Challenge modes are quite fun and definitely a challenge but for me the flood of current tier raid content and lack of real heroic dungeons (so few, and too easy and boring and short also seemingly unconnected to the greater story line lacking any real villains) coupled with the ridiculous flood of new factions every week with terrible reputation grinds means this game has gone decidedly one-dimensional for me. I think that was the longest sentence ever.

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Content too fast? Empty Re: Content too fast?

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