Farming tier on a limited schedule -- proven scheme

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Farming tier on a limited schedule -- proven scheme Empty Farming tier on a limited schedule -- proven scheme

Post  Fitsi on Thu Jan 31, 2013 2:55 pm

We only raid, officially, ~6-7 hours a week. Some bosses have literally nothing left while others we would like to farm until the next tier starts.

Here is the scheme;

An alt holds an extended raid lockout indefinitely while the real raid hops onto it each week to simply finish up the instance.

Specifically, we would have a seldom used alt kill spirit kings in MV then leave. For the rest of the tier we can use that lock out to kill Elegon and (maybe) Will of emp.

Similarly, if we can get someone in on the Garalon kill then we can alway start after him and efficiently farm the second half of HoF for the good items.

I've had the idea for this for a few weeks but certain nay-Sayers had me doubting that it was possible. I have found a bit of evidence indicating that it would work as I have described.
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Getting an alt in on Garalon kill is not super easy, however the rewards would be great. Then again if we steamroll HoF in 2 hours tonight then the point is moot. Maybe still worth saving a fresh Elegon kill each week though.

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