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Wednesday raid?

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Wednesday raid? Empty Wednesday raid?

Post  demon Sat Aug 30, 2014 11:37 pm

Just wondering if people would be up for a Wednesday raid 6:30 - 9 pm server over the Saturday morning raid??
I'd prefer to have it tues-thurs if possible for a couple reasons:
1) Keeps weekends free
2) fights stay fresh in the mind
3) when raiding split days it almost feels like your always raiding
4) more likely people to miss raid on weekend for events and what not then during the week


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Wednesday raid? Empty Re: Wednesday raid?

Post  Fitsi Sun Aug 31, 2014 10:26 am

I dont think anyone has said they are specifically against Wednesday. I wouldnt rule it out as a possible raid evening.

The real issue is that evening raid times cannot accommodate what i would say are the core people; the people who have stuck with us through a couple tiers and a 5 month hiatus. That group is divided between PST evenings and EST evenings. My goal is to keep this crew, the main idea behind the guild originally being to make WoW buddies and build a little community, not maximize raiding progression.

With that philosophy in mind a lot of players have agreed to compromise their "ideal" raiding schedule, so that we can play together.

PST players cannot play generally until 9pm EST.
EST players cannot always play until 9pm PST.

The reason we did Saturday for 2 years, and 4 hours on Saturday at that, is that it was the only time that was even available to 100% of the people.

Last tier we made such great progress and really melded so that we were only really limited by the amount of hours we raided. So i think a lot of people are expecting that with a longer raid week we'll be able to full clear at a pretty good speed. And then hit the real hard stuff. The mythic stuff. That seems to be the real draw, that everyone wants to try and everyone wants to get the gear and experience that rush of a progression kill.

So thats why I want to keep Saturday as the main progression raid: everyone can be there start to finish, no matter which coast they live on.

I am a no-lifer. I can raid whenever. I'm not married to any time or day. I just want to keep the team together and happy and I'm worried that if someone is missing an hour of every raid, even the mythic stuff or the toughest progression it'll eventually splinter the group.

We could do Wednesday / Thursday or Tuesday / Wednesday?


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